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What To Do When Your Hard Drive Fails? Fixit!


Last week, my daughter, who is a Senior in high school, storms into the house claiming her laptop is no longer working! Uh Oh! College Applications are due, AP Assignments are a daily thing, Essays up the WAZOO! What is a Mom to do? ( I say “Mom” because my husband’s solution is take it to the Mac Repair Shop down the road…) I know one thing for sure…she is NOT getting a NEW computer!!! Continue reading

How to Make a Personalized Grocery Tote Bag

RecycledToteBagI don’t know about you, but the last thing I need is another flimsy reusable grocery bag that is typically sold at the registers of all grocery stores these days. What I do need, is a bag that is durable, sturdy and most of all-WASHABLE!

I decided to use my store bought grocery bag as a template and come up with my own version of a grocery bag. What makes this bag special is that I made it from a recycled painters cloth that I had leftover from a painting project! Therefore, it was pretty much FREE to make! All I did was wash & dry & iron the painters cloth and off I went! Anyone can make this…If you don’t have an old painters cloth, any recycled material will work. I like canvas or duck cloth because I know it will be extra sturdy. This bag is lined with it’s own fabric, but you could use a contrasting fabric…Have fun with it! I suggest you cut out several and make a little assembly line of totes. Once you make one, I know you will want more. I put my logo on this bag, but you could do a monogram or leave it plain…whatever you prefer. Great weekend project!


  • 1-1/2 yards of fabric (recycled painters cloth, denim, canvas, duck cloth, etc.) If you are doing contrasting fabrics then I would recommend 3/4 yard of outside fabric and 3/4 yard of lining. Wash, Dry and Press all fabric before sewing!
  • Sewing Machine (Serger is also great if you have one, but not necessary)
  • Scissors (I use a Rotary Cutter to cut my fabric but not necessary)
  • Pins
  • Ironing Board
  • Heavy Duty Sewing Needles (90/14 or 100/16)
  • Washable Fabric Marker
  • Contact Paper (optional if personalizing)
  • Fabric Paint (optional if personalizing) Continue reading
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