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A Follow-up to my 7-Day Cleanse

7 Day Juice Cleanse

7 Day Juice Cleanse

Many of you have been asking me about my 7 Day Total Cleanse that I attempted several weeks ago. Well, I am sorry to say that I was not able to see it through to the end. As it turns out, I am one of those people that is physically unable to survive on just liquids! I was so excited to embark on this adventure, but I quickly realized this wasn’t the cleanse for me.

How I came to this conclusion is actually a funny story. I was on the second day of my cleanse and I had been invited to lunch by someone in our neighborhood that I did not know very well. I thought it would be rude to reschedule, so I went ahead and met her for lunch. I thought, how bad can this be? I will simply take my tea bag with me (Cleansing Tea) and sip my tea while she eats her lunch and I try not to think about food!, No problem, right?…WRONG! Midway through lunch, my head was pounding so hard, I thought my brain was going to pop right out of my skull. At about that same moment, I began to turn green! I became so nauseous in a matter of 5 minutes, that I literally had to excuse myself and run out to my car. I apologized and quickly told her about my cleanse before I drove home feeling horrible!

Once I arrived home, I was violently ill! My husband asked me why I was doing this to myself? He was right. Why was I doing this to myself? I was starving, miserable and queazy. What was I really looking to gain from this? I am relatively petite, so it was not about losing weight. I eat healthy every day, so it wasn’t as though I was try to purge the bad stuff from my system. I really did not know why I was doing this. I had done a couple of cleanses in the past that involved smoothies, supplements and light meals. I felt absolutely wonderful after doing those cleanses. I really wanted to believe I could get the same feeling if not more from a juicing cleanse, but I was wrong. I know my body and this cleanse wasn’t right for it. I guess that is why I wanted to write this follow up.

Somebody recently shared this interesting article with me from It is a guide to common cleanses. I would definitely encourage anyone thinking about a cleanse to read this before embarking on your cleansing journey. In the end, would I do another cleanse? The answer is yes, but I would find the right one for me!

Day 1 of The 7 Day Total Juice Cleanse

Day 1 of the 7 Day Total Juice Cleanse

Day 1 of the 7 Day Total Juice Cleanse

Essential Potassium-Rich Broth

Essential Potassium-Rich Broth

Day 1…6 More to go!

I have been asking myself all day the same question…”why am I doing this?” Please remind me…

I started my day with the Sole (So-lay), not bad, just salty water, pretty easy to drink. Boy did I miss my morning cup of Joe! I had to make a pot for everyone else in my household. This was the first test of my willpower. I am happy to say I passed! At 8:00 AM I was allowed to have a cup of the Potassium-Rich Broth. It is very hard to eat purple broth that smells like beets that early in the morning. I really wanted to add my usual hot sauce, jalapeños, salt, etc! Anything!

Next came my first juice, a mixture of carrots, beets, parsnips, ginger and lemon. The color was absolutely beautiful, the taste – not so much! I won’t lie, it was okay, but once again, you have to be able to tolerate beets. I happen to really like them, but pickled of course! My next juice came at 2:00 PM. This was what the book calls “Green Elixir for Heart Connection!” This juice is made from green apples, lemons, celery, romaine lettuce and collard greens. Sounds yummy, huh? Actually it was very refreshing. I liked this one a lot better than the first one of the day. My final meal for the day was another bowl of broth! Of course, I had to eat this next to my teenage son while he ate mushroom risotto that I had so lovingly prepared! He didn’t make it any easier for me when he kept saying this is the best risotto you have ever made! Thanks son!

What did I learn today?

1. When you are not allowed to eat food – you spend a lot of time thinking about it!
2. When you are on a 7 day juice cleanse, it is not a good idea to watch The Food Network!
3. Juicing is messy and makes a lot of dishes!
4. Beets stain everything, including your cute little white t-shirt!
5. If necessary, plug your nose!

I am proud of myself that I made it through the first day! I know I have six more to go, but I feel like I am off to a good start. I had a slight headache today, due to the caffeine withdrawals, but that was it! Yeah me!

My 7 Day Juice Cleanse

The 7 Day Total Cleanse

The 7 Day Total Cleanse

I am about to embark on a 7-Day Juice Cleanse! Yes, call me crazy, but I really do like cleanses. I have done a couple of them in the past using Natural Factors cleansing kits that I purchased from the health food store. These kits contain a combination of powdered smoothie mixtures and liver and colon support supplements. I will warn anyone thinking about trying this cleanse, the smoothies are horrible, but they work! I honestly had to plug my nose in order to finish my smoothies every day. The nice thing about this cleanse is that you can eat salads, almonds, brown rice, etc. while you are on it. I lost a total of 8 to 10 pounds on these cleanses, and I felt completely revitalized when I was finished.

This time I am going to try a liquid cleanse without any supplements. I will be loosely following The 7 Day Total Cleanse by Mary McGuire-Wien. I say loosely, because the book recommends performing a bunch of daily rituals throughout the cleanse (i.e. yoga, meditation, journaling, creative inspirations, etc.) I do not have the time, nor do I feel completely comfortable, performing all of the daily items they recommend (especially the colonic or the enema-no thanks!) I do, however, really like the idea of juicing and will be following the recipes from the book throughout the cleanse.

Today I am busy preparing for my cleanse. As I type this entry, my daily broth, that is to be eaten six of the seven days, is simmering on my stove. I also stocked my refrigerator with all the necessary organic produce items that I will be using in my juices throughout the week. I have made my sole (so-lay), and it is out on the back porch soaking up the suns rays. This will be my first beverage tomorrow morning. I also purchased a box of detox tea that I will be drinking throughout the days in conjunction with the juices and broth.

Why am I doing this cleanse?

1. Increase my energy
2. Clear my mind
3. Detox my body
4. Lose a little excess weight

My son told me I have too much free time and he thinks I am crazy. I told him to just stay clear of me for the next three days while I go through severe caffeine withdrawals! Tune into my blog for the next seven days. I will be doing a daily post on my progress! Wish me luck!

The Dirty Dozen List

Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits & Vegetables

For some of you who are already on the healthy living train, this is probably old news, but for those of us that are new to healthy living, I wanted to bring to your attention the Dirty Dozen List. What is the Dirty Dozen List? The Dirty Dozen List is a list of 12 fruits and vegetables that are most contaminated with pesticides. This list is released by the Environmental Working Group, an advocacy nonprofit group that provides public information to protect the public health and the environment. As we all know, fruits and vegetables are supposed to be some of the healthiest food on that planet that we can be putting into our bodies. But, did you know that it can also be harmful to children and women who are pregnant? Ever wonder how how an apple has such a long shelf life? Pesticides and fungicides aid in this process. Yes, I know that there has been a lot of debate on this subject and I, by no means, am an expert, but I would rather make my own choices than believe what trade associations and the government are telling me…afterall, they have a vested interest…the industries reputation, jobs and profits are their concern, not my health!

This list is not meant to scare people away from eating conventional fruits that are on the Dirty Dozen List, it is merely meant as a guideline when making choices for your family. Here is how I use it; If I am making a smoothie and keeping the skins on my fruit, I will lean toward an organic version of the fruit, But if I am using it as a garnish in a small amount, then I will go for the conventional version of the fruit. Obviously, price plays a role for most of us. Of course, while the EWG encourages going organic when it comes to items on their Dirty Dozen List, they do clearly state that conventional produce is certainly better than none at all: “The health benefits of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables outweigh the risks of pesticide exposure.” I was recently made aware of this group, and I have to say, the information they provide is extremely valuable to how I am choosing to live my life. I encourage anyone that is interested in food and our environment to explore their website.

Checkout the Dirty Dozen List. 2011EWGPesticideGuide

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